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  1. South Korea’s envoy to Japan said in an interview that “high-level” talks are underway for a three-nation summit with China to happen this year—and that it wouldn’t affect ties with the U.S.
  2. Over the years, Murdoch’s children—he has six across four marriages—have also risen into the spotlight, accompanied by stories of vindictive business tactics and inter-family rivalries.
  3. In addition to activists, environmental lawyers, academics, and journalists have all found themselves targeted for their work.
  4. Sex Education's costume designer on how the characters' style informs their endings.
  5. The U.N.'s Secretary General and tech envoy support the idea of a U.N. agency to help the world cooperate in managing AI.
  6. The 'Euphoria' star died on July 31 at his parents' home in Oakland, Calif.
  7. The tropical storm warning is in effect from Cape Fear, North Carolina, to Fenwick Island, Delaware.
  8. The Chester County jail board unanimously approved plans Wednesday to fully enclose the exercise yards.
  9. A wastewater surveillance company is expanding its program to track opioids in sewage.
  10. A historian on how Roman Empire offers a distorted view of America.