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  1. Huang Xueqin, the journalist, and Wang Jianbing, a labor activist, have been accused of inciting subversion as the authorities expand a campaign to quash dissent.
  2. Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to the White House.
  3. Three years after Ms. Ardern won a resounding victory for her Labour Party, the nation will vote in a very different political landscape.
  4. U.S. negotiators say the release of the prisoners is proof that even fierce adversaries can sometimes find their way to an agreement. But the deal almost didn’t happen.
  5. Court documents offer new detail on a case involving a contractor who obtained classified information, which U.S. officials said he shared with Ethiopia.
  6. Plus tourists buying tickets to attend an Indian wedding.
  7. Lina Lutfiawati, an influencer from Indonesia, received a two-year sentence after a video of her eating pork rinds angered the nation’s ​​top Muslim clerics.
  8. In the Darnytsia neighborhood of the Ukrainian capital, residents were retrieving their belongings and sweeping up broken glass.
  9. The Polish prime minister’s comments came as the country’s governing party seeks to reassure voters that it will not put Ukraine’s interests ahead of those of Polish citizens.
  10. Ukraine’s military said it attacked a Russian air base near the Crimean city of Saki, but gave no details. Russian officials claimed to have thwarted the aerial assaults.