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  1. The Ukrainian president arrives in Washington DC today, the 548th day of the war, with a plea - "do not abandon us now".
  2. Police have discovered a large quantity of fentanyl hidden in a nursery days after a toddler died from an apparent overdose from the opioid.
  3. The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Bin Salman, has denied reports that negotiations with Israel over a possible normalisation deal have been suspended and insisted that "every day we get closer".
  4. Canada is "adjusting" its diplomatic presence in India as Delhi suspends visas for Canadian citizens.
  5. Three South African navy personnel have died after seven members of a submarine crew were swept off the vessel's deck by large waves, the country's department of defence has said.
  6. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has said he "doesn't care" if Saudi Arabia is accused of "sportswashing" - as long as it adds to the country's GDP.
  7. Scientists have observed how a merciless parasitic plant convinces its host to grow into its own flesh.
  8. The King received a warm welcome from French politicians while he delivered a historic speech as the first British monarch to speak at the country's senate.
  9. The King has said the late Queen's "golden thread will forever shine brightly" in the first ever speech by a British monarch to the French Senate.
  10. Volodymyr Zelenskyy has lauded the strength of Ukrainian soldiers fighting for the war-torn country as they "chew and choke the Russian occupiers".