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  1. I'm currently on a suffering diet.

    I wake up, and I suffer.

    Does this happen, cuntwise for yourself?
  2. do you have weird dreams in your cunt?

    I just woke up from one where it was me, my grandpa, a qt girl I work with and santa claus. so we're in the middle of a city when a 50s cab stops by, except it's running on coal, with the chimney and all. we want to get in but as I point out the thing has only 3 available seats because one is occupied by a big bag of coal. then the girl says she will sit on my lap. she does, sideways, with her head resting on my shoulder. I start caressing her hair but then the alarm rang
  3. Are you obese in your country?
  4. I speak 4 languages and this is just too much. I wish I only knew just one. How do you deal with polyglotism in ur xunt?
  5. If IQ predicts success and wealth then why do east asians live in squalor in their home countries. Korea literally has slums
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sS2Ti9jnmI0
  7. Australia is the product of enlightenment ideals, humanism and the pursuit of utopia. Australian exceptionalism defines our every day interactions.
  8. In 2 World Wars. But claim that World War II wasn't fought for diversity and Jews. Germans never brought blacks into Europe. The Axis only used black troops in Africa.
  9. in the event of a zombie apocalypse, americans would be the only ones left alive because our cities aren't walkable

    eurosissys would be zombie food by comparison, because their cities are quite walkable
  10. all this should go back to Germany
  11. >ITT: geographic regions on the earth where it's impossible to experience happiness
  12. Presented without commentary
  13. what is wrong with anglos?
  14. Goedemorgen en welkom in de /nederdraad/
  15. I don't feel comfortable knowing that Australians post in here.

    Sorry not sorry but I had to say it....
  16. Why don't you have a Finnish girlfriend in your country?
  17. Tell me more about japanese chuds
  18. Every military of every nation in the European Union should be mobilized to exterminate these roaches on the Isle of Aphrodite
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