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  1. With an election looming, politicians are grappling with how to support Ukraine and prioritise national interests.
  2. Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is stepping down as chairman, ending a 70-year career.
  3. A "large quantity" of narcotics are found at the New York daycare where a boy aged one died.
  4. About 2,000 investors lost money on the JPEX platform which was advertised on Hong Kong's metro.
  5. The Ukrainian president has landed in Canada for the first time since Russia's invasion in February 2022.
  6. The decades-old bill guarantees a third of seats for women in parliament and state assemblies.
  7. The Supreme Court sets a precedent for land claims by restoring territory to the Xokleng people.
  8. The attorney-general said people deserved trustworthy guidance, not "lies and misinformation".
  9. The bus was taking a marching band to camp when it rolled off the road, killing two adults.
  10. Justin Trudeau said he was not trying to "provoke" India in the row over the killing of a Sikh leader.
  11. General Burhan has asked for the Rapid Support Forces to be designated as a terror group.
  12. US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says Republican rebels "just want to burn the whole place down".
  13. France secure their record win with a 96-0 World Cup victory over Namibia, but lose captain Antoine Dupont to injury.
  14. An agreement creating ties between the two historical foes would mark a huge regional shift.
  15. Teachers call an ambulance after noticing "strange behaviour" by the children in class.
  16. The British actress says her former partner is refusing to send their two daughters back to the UK.
  17. Rwandan police found more than 10 bodies buried under the 34-year-old man's house near Kigali.
  18. Mateusz Morawiecki's remarks come as tensions escalate over Ukraine's grain exports.
  19. It seems the TV show's real-life inspirations have concluded their own succession drama.
  20. Brazil's Supreme Court is to vote on decriminalising abortion in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.